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We love what we do at Anathoth Farm and while a lot has changed since we started in 1987 we still have a simple goal: we just want to make great tasting jams and chutneys that people love.

We’ve got great people working for us and they put their heart and soul into making our jams and chutneys in our farm kitchen.

One of the best bits about our job is reading heart-felt emails and letters from our customers throughout New Zealand and Australia.  They’re so happy to have discovered our jams and chutneys after being disappointed with other offerings on supermarket shelves. So we’ll keep making simple, delicious jams, using only use whole fruit purchased from local growers and reputable fruit suppliers. 

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The Anathoth Farm kitchen

When Anathoth Farm was relocated from Nelson to Geraldine we built a dedicated Anathoth Farm wing at the Barker family farm so that we could continue the Anathoth Farm traditional method of jam making and employed more local people to help make this much loved jam. The new wing was opened in 2008 by the Minister of Economic Development, who credited Barker’s with building a sustainable business on the corner of the family farm, making traditional preserves featuring local fruit and vegetables.

Award Winning

Anathoth Farm is consistently rated the best jam by consumers (New Zealand Consumers’ Institute – Consumer Panel Report 2009 and Australian Canstar Blue Jam Category Taste Award, 2013, and NZ Canstar Blue 2016!)

So it’s only natural that we use quality produce for our pickles and relishes and make them nice and chunky with lots of real fruit and vegetables and just the right amount of spices. Just like you would make yourself if you had time. There’s a renewed interest in home preserving today; it’s a natural reaction for consumers who want to take back control of the food they put into their bodies. But not everyone can afford the time and not everyone will find the enjoyment in the actual doing, so we do it for you.

All Anathoth Farm products –  jams, curds, marmalades, pickles, chutneys and relishes are gluten free and preservative free. We’ve also added the country of origin of the fruit and vegetables that we use so that consumers can feel confident about the source. SaveSave