It all started over 26 years ago on the Anathoth Farm where the jams and pickles were made in simple pots and sold at the local weekend market. The locals loved the big, bold, real fruit flavours and kept coming back for more. So we’ve kept the traditional jam recipes and the same very simple ingredients.

In foodservice, because our customers wanted consistency we have added just a touch of pectin.

One of the many strengths of Anathoth Farm is its simplicity and our jam is made the way jam should be – from a simple, traditional recipe packed with real fruit.  This is why Anathoth Farm is consistently rated the best jam – it tastes wonderful and looks beautiful, yet remains unfussed.

It’s made for people who care about what they eat. The fruit content in most of the jams is 50% just like jam made at home in the kitchen.

Apricot Jam 1.25kg
Raspberry Jam 1.25kg and 2.8kg
Seville Orange & Lime Marmalade 1.25kg
Strawberry Jam 1.25kg
Three Berry Jam 1.25kg

Anathoth Farm thermic jars

Pickles & Relishes

It’s only natural that we use quality produce for our pickles and relishes, and make them nice and chunky with lots of real fruit and vegetables and just the right amount of spices. Just like you would make yourself if you had time.
But not everyone can afford the time and not everyone will find the enjoyment in the actual doing, so we do it for you.

All Anathoth Farm Chef Series pickles and relishes are preservative free.

Farmstyle Pickle 2.55kg
Tomato Relish 2.55kg

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