Anathoth Farm Captures The Good

Anathoth Farm, just like when we started in 1987, is made from real, natural ingredients, with very little added along the way. It’s almost as if you’re just spreading the original fruits right on your toast. We’ve been working hard this year to bring this idea to life in the simplest way possible, by showcasing the beautiful fruit or vegetables in each pot. After all, our customers tell us that’s why they love Anathoth Farm. They know they’re feeding their families with simple, wholesome, goodness – just like they would make themselves if they had the time!  

New Zealand and its diverse community is the heart and soul of every Anathoth Farm product. We’re proud to be able to say that each glorious pot of Anathoth Farm jam and chutney is packed full of only the most delicious natural produce, picked at the peak of the season and made right here in the South Island of New Zealand. We pride ourselves on continuing to be made locally and supporting local growers.  


This Spring we’re celebrating everything good that goes into making each pot as tasty as the next. It’s a collaborative effort – from fruit growers and pickers to our production team, and right down to the customers that, time and time again, support our journey as we grow and develop our offering. Anathoth Farm is a team effort, and we wanted to acknowledge that in our new campaign, “Captures the Good”.   

Captures the Good features four of the most-loved Anathoth Farm products; Strawberry Jam, Tomato Relish, Lemon Curd and More Fruit, Less Sugar Red Berry Preserve. While the bright, eye-catching colours are refreshingly different for Anathoth Farm, the products inside and out are still the same Anathoth Farm preserves and chutneys that everyone knows and loves.  

Look out for the new campaign from this week when you’ll start seeing this in-stores, online, via social media and out-and-about with bus shelter posters in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.