Changing Seasons

We love the changing seasons on the farm

From snow laced wintery mountains to crisp spring mornings, we embrace it all.  Here’s a snapshot of our backyard over the past few months:

June saw the farm with a heavy dumping of snow, the heaviest in several years. We lost power a few times, but we’re used to that in the South! Generators mean that we can get back to ‘business as usual’ without too much of a delay. A good excuse to rug up and get in amongst it.

Yet, even in the middle of winter we were served up some wonderful blue-sky days. While beautiful, there isn’t any heat in sun and we spent most of July rugged up with -degree temperatures. Brrrr.

August marks the month we anxiously await our delivery of delicious citrus from our Gisborne growers. Towers of lemons and grapefruit arrive and we give them a squeeze.

Then Spring arrives out of nowhere! The lambs don’t mind the crunchy grass beneath their tiny hooves.