10 Everyday Ways to Cook with Relish

If you have an array of opened relish pots in your refrigerator, here are 10 everyday ways to declutter and not waste a drop. 

While we have plenty of relish-based recipes available online, here are a few usage ideas that need no particular measures. If you discover a tablespoon or two left in your Anathoth Farm relish or chutney pot, don’t let it go to waste. 

Those running low on fresh vegetables have enjoyed relish as a handy way to provide a tasty boost to everyday meals and sides, adding flavour, texture and colour.

Try these ideas:

Easy Savoury Tartlets: Savoury pastry sheets go a long way to create tasty bite-sized snacks. Pair goat cheese with Anathoth Farm Caramelised Onion Relish or Beetroot Chutney and you have a winning combination. 

Savoury Mini Tartlets

Savoury Muffins: Add a couple of tablespoons of your favourite Anathoth Farm relish in your next batch of savoury muffin batter. Relish can replace the need for onion and other spices for flavour, and depending on your relish choice, a lovely hint of colour too. 

Mashed Potato: Fold several tablespoons of relish, along with butter, milk, salt and pepper to mashed potato during the smashing process. Eat as a side dish, atop a Cottage Pie or fry in a breakfast grill ‘cook up’.

Tuna Spread: Combine a tin of plain (and drained) tuna with several tablespoons of relish, then mash with cottage cheese or mayonnaise. Serve on rice crackers or straight from the bowl.

Stuffed Baked Potato or Kumara: Scoop out the insides of a baked potato, mash it with relish, any spare cooked vegetables or protein of choice. Refill the potato/kumara casing and grill with cheese – perfect for a side, lunch or main dish.

Gravy: Add a generous spoonful of your favourite relish to your next gravy, casserole or stew for extra flavour.

Stir Fry Sauce: Thin your relish with water and a splash of oil then use as a stir-fry sauce for meat and vegetables alike.

Pulled Beef: Along with red wine or stock, a tin of tomatoes and salt, add 1/2 cup of relish into your slow-cooker!

pulled pork

Pizza Base Sauce: Spread on to wraps, panini or use as a pizza sauce base.

Mince Flavouring: Add to savoury mince to provide extra flavour to lasagne, chilli con carne, nachos and spaghetti bolognaise.