16 Ways with left-over Ham

Here are 16 glorious ‘left-over ham’ dishes to savour, matched with Anathoth Farm relishes for extra flavour!

Once Christmas Day is ‘done and dusted’ have you ever looked longingly at the contents of your ham bag and wonder how you’ll creatively serve up ham for your next meal?

1. Grilled Ham Toasties: Hard to beat and so simple to create for a brunch or lunch on the go. We’ve matched sliced ham, cheese and Spicy Green Tomato Relish in our grilled toastie.

2. Ham & Relish Quesadillas:
Perfect for festive left-overs, our filling pick is Smoked Tomato, Chilli & Chia Seed Pickle folded through cooked red beans. Spoon generous quantities on tortillas, then sprinkle with ham and grated cheese.  Cook in a sandwich press and serve with a squeeze of lime.  

3. Savoury Ham Crepe: Spread crepes with your favourite Anathoth Farm relish, sprinkle it with finely diced ham, roll it, slice it – enjoy!

4. Ham Spread: Pulse cooked ham in your kitchen whiz until it resembles crumb; add mayo and Zucchini Pickle to taste. A tasty topping for crackers and crostini.

5. Ham & Asparagus Bundles: Served as a tasty side, these tasty bundles feature your choice of cream cheese, ricotta or creme fraiche and a dollop of your go-to Anathoth Farm relish for extra texture and flavour.

6. Pizza! Slather Tomato Relish on the pizza base, dot with ham and cheese, then bake to perfection. For an alternative, try Spicy Green Tomato Relish with ham chunks, heirloom tomatoes, sliced mozzarella & drizzled balsamic vinegar.

7. Ham & Cheese Scones: Add chunks of ham and dollops of Caramelised Onion Relish to a basic scone recipe for both flavour and texture. Serve hot with butter and relish. The same combination works extremely well in our Mini Savoury Muffins. FIND RECIPE

8. Ham Quiche:
 Add Anathoth Farm relish into the ‘egg and cream’ custard, before pouring over diced ham and your favourite seasonal vegetables. 

9. Ham Butties: pan-fry ham slices (or slice cold) and sandwich between two slices of fresh bread with a dollop of Anathoth Farm Sweet Chilli Relish on one bread slice, and a generous slathering of mayo on the other. 

10. Ham & Egg Tarts:
 replace bacon with chunks of ham and add spoonfuls of relish dotted between the chunks, add egg…super-easy. FIND RECIPE 

11. Ham Frittata: a
 scrumptious way to use up leftovers (ham, bacon and cooked vegetables) served as a side or a main. The secret is folding Anathoth Farm relish into the egg mixture, or dotting in between the veggies. FIND RECIPE

12. Ham & Pineapple Fried Rice:  Combine tinned pineapple with ham and fold through tablespoons of Tomato Relish for a tasty, easy-to-prepare meal. 

13. Pea & Ham Soup: Add diced ham to your pea soup, or get creative!  Anathoth Farm relish adds extra flavouring for soups and casseroles, so add a dollop of your favourite to add extra zing. Tomato Relish works a treat!

14. Ham Mash: Leftover mash, finely diced ham and a spoonful of Anathoth Farm relish can be combined with an egg to bind, seasoned with salt and pepper. Serve as a mash, or go the extra mile and drop into bread crumbs and cook in the pan for delicious budget-minded additions to the dinner menu.