Delights of Humble Lemon Curd

Not all foodies really understand what a versatile addition lemon curd is to the cook’s pantry

— Danielle, Marketing Manager

Having just been in Australia and introducing our new recipe Lemon Curd to retailers and customers, I am reminded that many people don’t understand how to use curd and under estimate what a wonderfully delicious product it is. Lemon Curd (also known as Lemon Butter or Lemon Honey) delivers a delightful zesty and creamy sensation and can help make easy and delicious desserts.

A few of our favourites include: Fill a sweet short pastry base with curd and top with your choice of:
  • strawberries dusted with icing sugar
  • a glazed pastry lattice top
  • a simple meringue top; or add some desiccated coconut for a tropical feel
Lemon Curd Tarts

Lemon Curd Tarts

An easy to assemble parfait or trifle by layering in a glass tumbler:
  • cream, curd and smashed gingernut biscuits (which soften become a little chewy and gooey)
  • mascarpone, curd and broken sponge fingers…and add a colourful layer of berries to soak through the sponge fingers
  • or try a breakfast version of thick vanilla bean yoghurt, curd and a crunchy granola or muesli.
Lemon Curd Parfait

Lemon Curd Parfait

An impressive layer cake
  • Layer cake and curd to create an impressive high cake for special occasions.  Try a sponge, banana or even carrot cake for a difference.
  • Spread lemon curd (and cream if you choose) between the cake layers and finish with a simple dusting of icing sugar.  
  • Or blend lemon curd to a cream cheese icing and spread between the cake layers and on top.
Celebration Layer Cake, Delicious Magazine

Celebration Layer Cake, Delicious Magazine

Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd is made with real eggs (not egg powder), NZ butter and NZ lemons which delivers a creamy, delicious flavour.