Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

These cute little jack-o-lanterns are a fun afternoon of crafting, and a great way to get young ones excited about a night of trick or treating!

What you need:

Anathoth Farm Jack-O-Lanterns: What you will need

How to make a Jack-O-Lantern:

  1. First, remove the lid and label and thoroughly dry your pot.
  2. Prepare your tissue paper by ripping around 30 – 40 pieces, about double the size of a 50c coin. Then paint small sections of the inside of the pottle with PVA Glue, and stick the tissue paper down, layering the pieces as you go. Keep going until you’ve covered the entire inside of the pottle.
  3. Take your marker and draw on a face, get creative!

  4. Light the way for the ghouls and ghosts by putting a battery-powered tea light inside.
    Anathoth Farm Jack-O-Lanterns