In the News

  1. 2019 NZ Food Award Finalist!

    We are delighted to have just been named a Finalist in the NZ Food Awards 2019! We feel privileged to share this achievement with our Hawke’s Bay blueberry grower, Dan.  It’s great to see excess blueberries that don’t make the grade for the fresh market come up a potential winner as a preserve!  With less sugarRead more

  2. new Anathoth Farm relishes!

    The taste of summer: new relishes launched

    We’ve just added two new summer-friendly relishes to our range!Our Caramelised Onion Relish is proudly made with New Zealand onions sweetened with a combination of brown sugar, currants and molasses. In a foodie sense it’s both complex and flavoursome and have already impressed the judges, being awarded a finalist spot at the 2016 New ZealandRead more

  3. canstar blue award winning jam 2016

    Award winning jam: we did it again!

    The Toast of New Zealand!We are buzzing to announce that Anathoth Farm has been voted favourite jam for the second time in the Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction Survey.We beat six other well-known brands of jam and fruit preserves for taste and overall customer satisfaction.It’s humbling that after 29 years, New Zealanders still believe Anathoth FarmRead more

  4. straweberries

    Assurance from Anathoth Farm

    You may be aware of the recent cases of Hepatitis A linked to frozen berry products.You may be aware of recent news articles in New Zealand indicating that imported berries could be a source of the virus Hepatitis A. A similar incident occurred in February this year in Australia and highlights the ongoing need forRead more

  5. Apricot crop volumes are dramatically down

    Apricot harvesting is now complete for the New Zealand 2015 seasonAlthough they taste great as usual, crop volumes are down dramatically, particularly for commercial supply.Weather is a huge determining factor in annual yields and, due to a combination of cooler temperatures, rain, hail and frosts during pollination back in the Spring of 2014, has playedRead more

  6. raspberries

    Honesty of Food Labelling

    We were disappointed to read an article regarding the honesty of food labelling on New Zealand products……where the writer questioned some of the country of origin statements on Anathoth Farm products.ARTICLE: Are New Zealand Food Brands Really Kiwi As Anathoth Farm’s intention is not to mislead and our aim is to be honest on ourRead more