Low FODMAP products

Many of you have asked us about low FODMAP and which Anathoth products may be most suitable for your dietary preferences.

FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols – scientific terms used to classify groups of carbohydrates that are known for triggering an array of digestive symptoms.

We encourage everyone to make their own decisions based on their personal needs. All ‘back of label’ information regarding ingredients and nutritional information is available online for your convenience, simply on the product of choice then navigate to the ‘Nutrition’ tab for this information.

While there are numerous fruits and vegetables that low FODMAP diets need to avoid, garlic and onion are both very high in FODMAPs. To help make you aware of potential garlic and onion within our savoury products (particularly chutneys and sauces) we have listed the items that contain NO and LOW onion and garlic within their ingredients.

Beetroot Chutney
No Onion/No Garlic
Hot Chilli Relish
Low Garlic
Sweet Chilli RelishLow Garlic