A New Approach to Jam

Introducing Fruit & Seed & Grower Series Preserves

We love chatting to supermarket shoppers and understanding what their lives look like and understanding which foods fit into their lives. Many of you told us that life is busy. The world is busy…and it’s changing and becoming increasingly complex.

You told us you didn’t always trust big brands and mass-produced food. And therefore questions were raised; Can I trust my food? How is it produced? Where does it come from?

It prompted us to start talking more about Anathoth Farm and our jam. We chatted about if jam still fitted into eating occasions at home. We asked people to share memories about jam-making from years gone by. And we asked what challenged people about jam today.

We were thankful to those who shared their thoughts and memories with us and here’s what we learnt;

  • “Yes! Jam and chutney have a place in my kitchen. They are a staple in our fridge.”
  • “I want to buy brands with good food values. I like to feel I have a connection with a brand. I want to know my food is local… from New Zealand.”
  • “Jam is mostly fruit, so why don’t they say where the fruit comes from?”
  • “My children are becoming more aware and interested in what they are eating. I want to keep the food I give them simple and good. Ideally I’d like to make my own, but I think Anathoth is as close to homemade.”
  • “I eat less jam these days because I am conscious of my sugar intake. Occasionally I’ll eat it as treat but I want a smaller pack and I want it to taste amazing.”
  • “Jam is old fashioned. There’s nothing on the shelf that interests me.”
  • “I remember when our elderly neighbour used to dropped around spare fruit from his trees and Mum made a batch of jam or jelly”
  • “I used to pick plums with my siblings… but we only got the over ripe or dropped fruit because Mum said they were better.”
  • As a food producer we listened and realised there was opportunity to do better. We are proud of who we are and we know Anathoth Farm stands for something special. So, we’ve created some new variations of jam. We hope these new preserves bring back fond and nostalgic moments, but also appeals to those who feel that jam doesn’t bring enjoyment to their eating any more.

Introducing Grower Series by Anathoth Farm

Anathoth Farm 2019 Grower Series
These limited edition preserves celebrate the pride and passion of New Zealand growers who choose selected parcels of local fruit for these seasonal preserves. Our first two flavours will be available in the market for a limited time or until fruit sells out;

  • Grower Series Blueberry Preserve 
    Dan is the head grower at Gourmet Blueberries. Anathoth takes blueberries from the Old Farm Block that are over ripe or too soft for the fresh market and use them in this delicious preserve.
  • Grower Series Tamarillo Preserve 
    RobinRobin owns Harncroft Orchards in Maungatapere where the lush volcanic soils and warmer climates of Northland provide the ideal growing conditions for Tamarillo growing.

Introducing Fruit & Seed by Anathoth Farm

Anathoth Farm Fruit & Seed range
We’ve crafted our fruit and seed preserves as a new offering for those who wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy traditional sweet jam. Crafted with the goodness of NZ fruit and the wholesome texture of hydrated seeds, these lower sugar preserves* are an exciting change for toast or bring a colourful nutty fruit flavour swirled through unsweetened yoghurt.

*Our new preserves have between 44g – 52g sugar per 100g compared to 65g sugar per 100g in our traditional jam range.

At Anathoth Farm we recognize we live in a changing world. We aren’t stuck in our ways so hope you enjoy these new preserves to better suit our modern eating habits and food values. We’ve strived to capture the good of life with these batch-made preserves crafted with country pride in the heart of the South Island.