Our New Look

Stepping through the years with our pack designs

Since 1987 when Anathoth was first sold in its simple plastic pot at the Nelson weekend market, by the founders Owen and Kaye Pope, we have strived to retain the simplicity of this iconic South Island jam.

Since its inception, there are a few special parts to Anathoth which remain unchanged;
  • The recipe; still proudly batch-made with New Zealand fruit in large open kettles which vigorously boil jam and pickles (note: there are a few exceptions where we can’t source enough locally grown fruit eg. Raspberries or we use foreign varietals eg. Seville Orange).
  • The people; a long-serving group of South Islanders who have been preparing and processing fruit and veges, cooking, packing and distributing Anathoth for over 30 years.
  • The plastic pot; our packaging has become an iconic part of what makes Anathoth recognisable on shelf.
We have updated our label several times over the years and we are excited to launch another new look in 2019, some 30 plus years on! We take a look back on the ages and stages our Anathoth’s packaging.

The basic plastic pot was, and still is, a key point of difference for Anathoth. It resonates as a cost-effective option for packing home-made jam. Nothing classy, just the real deal. All the focus was put into the jam and as the label read it was ‘pure and natural’ – simply half fruit and sugar boiled until it set. The early pot was screen printed and when the jam became available in supermarkets this design stood out on supermarket shelves for being as simple as can be.

After Anathoth was sold to a group of South Island businessmen, Anathoth took on its first pack change as the brand started to ‘grow up’. The simplicity of the screen printing was proven to be a bit too basic for the supermarket game, and this ‘tomb stone’ label design was chosen after the first market research for the brand. The distinctive shape was easily recognizable on shelf with a bright white background and it was this design which initially found success with Australia when Anathoth launched into the Australian market in 2008.

The tagline ‘tastes just like homemade’ was adopted but this design was finally challenged for lacking personality and not recognizing the authentic beginnings of Anathoth.

Driven out of a functional need to change the design of the pot, we updated the label again eight years later. A new easy to open, twist-top pot design was adopted from Europe and manufactured by the same Dunedin based packaging company who has serviced us for years. The new tamper evident foil seal made opening a whole lot easier. We used to get inundated by customers who had either cut their fingers or broken their nails on our hardy plastic tamper evident tear tab! We looked forward to delighting our customers with this significant packaging improvement.

Alongside the new twist-top pot, we also created a new label for Anathoth which started a journey back towards the brands original fruit farm roots. We refreshed the label graphics and relaunched Anathoth as Anathoth Farm. Anathoth is a Hebrew word meaning ‘answered prayer’, so we felt that fans might be more comfortable if they knew the jam had come from a place in the country.

The image of the ‘man picking the fruit’ alongside his tractor told a story of how everyone behind Anathoth cares for the preserves we make. Our goal is to make a great tasting traditional farm preserve which are of the highest of quality. That has never changed.

Five years on, it’s time to take another step forward with Anathoth. Throughout the past three decades, the goodness of fruit and vegetables that the land has produced for our farm preserves has been at the core of what we do. So, a new logo which illustrates the goodness of our land captured in our pot with the goodness of flavour being spooned and shared in our meals moves Anathoth into the next phase of modern eating.

We have always made country preserves… naturally plant-based and as our world takes a keen interest adopting more wholesome, vegetarian and vegan friendly eating, Anathoth celebrates the fact we have traditionally enjoyed this same mindset for the past 30 years.

We look forward to celebrating it for another thirty years as a local food producer who cares about the place we are in and the people we feed.
2019 Anathoth Farm