Recycling & Repurposing

  1. Anathoth Farm Jack-O-Lanterns

    Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

    These cute little jack-o-lanterns are a fun afternoon of crafting, and a great way to get young ones excited about a night of trick or treating!What you need:Anathoth Farm Marmalade Pottle, label removed and washedTissue paperBlack markerPVA GluePaintbrushHow to make a Jack-O-Lantern:First, remove the lid and label and thoroughly dry your pot.Prepare your tissue paperRead more

  2. Anathoth Farm Windcatcher

    DIY Wind Catcher

    REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE!Celebrate the explosion of Spring colour in your garden with these fabulous Wind Catchers! Let your imagination run wild and decorate with different colour washi tapes and ribbons – the sky is the limit! What you need: Anathoth Farm More Fruit, Less Sugar Blueberry Preserve pot Washi tape in rainbow colours Ribbon 1cmRead more

  3. Expandable Surprise Card

    Expandable Surprise Card

    REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE! Upcycle an Anathoth Farm pottle into a creative card that is sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face this Father’s Day. What you need: White Card Card in at least 5 colours Glue stick About 40cm of Hessian trim Hot glue gun (take care when using this) Pen knife (take careRead more

  4. Succulent and cati in twine wrapped pottle

    Twine Wrapped Pottles

    REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE! Turn your Anathoth Farm chutney pottle into a lovely keepsake – you only need a few materials and half an hour later you’ll have a new home for your favourite cacti or succulent! What you’ll need: 1 Anathoth Farm Pottle Twine White string Hot glue gun A thick embroidery needle How to make yourRead more

  5. Animal Topper Keepsake Pots

    The next time you finish a pottle of Anathoth Farm jam, think – reuse, recycle, repurpose. Transform it into a precious Keepsake Pot you’ll love to have around the home! Keepsake Pots are super handy for storing all your bits and bobs – from pegs to beads, nature’s treasures to sewing essentials. With the adornmentRead more

  6. Our Plastic Journey Continues

    We continue to share our learnings about the recycling of plastic waste within New Zealand. Here at Anathoth Farm, we first started publishing helpful information about the recycling of our #5 polypropylene (PP) pots in early 2019.  These past statements on Plastic Recycling are available for viewing here.We continue our journey to improve our understandingRead more

  7. How to remove labels

    Removing labels from plastic pots

    Did you know you can remove our Jam labels when repurposing our pots?Many of our customers didn’t know this – so we thought we’d share how easy it really is to remove the labels from Anathoth Farm jam pots.Firstly, in case you weren’t aware – every part of our Anathoth Farm pot is recyclable –Read more

  8. Repurposing Inspiration Gallery

    Repurposing Inspiration Gallery

    Do you have Anathoth Farm pots you’d like to repurpose around your home?If you are looking for inspiration, check out our gallery.TIP: here’s an easy way to remove labels from our jam pots! If you have a photo to contribute, we’d love to hear from you too. Just email or connect with us via our Facebook or Instagram pages.

  9. 3 Handy Uses in the Kitchen

    Here are some handy ways to re-use Anathoth Farm pots in your kitchen.Single Serve Freezer PortionsOur empty pots are handy for freezing single portions making your groceries stretch that little bit further. To avoid any freezer spillages (if you are freezing liquids), cover with tin foil before twisting the lid back on.  The pots areRead more

  10. Plastic Recycling

    Updated August 2019An open letter to our customers and communityThank you to those of you who continue to engage with us about our plastic packaging. We appreciate your feedback as you challenge us to do better. We constantly listen, learn, debate, and review our position. The individual conversations we have with some of you helpRead more

  11. Recycled Crafts

    Craft projects using recycled household items can be fun!A hands-on experience for kids, craft work can be a very creative way to spend a raining afternoon indoors.Newspaper, wool, socks, plastic pots, pipecleaners, egg cartons and bottle tops can be transformed into cute-as-pie craft ideas.Here are two fun craft projects that use regular household items, including Anathoth FarmRead more