Removing labels from plastic pots

Did you know you can remove our Jam labels when repurposing our pots?

Many of our customers didn’t know this – so we thought we’d share how easy it really is to remove the labels from Anathoth Farm jam pots.

Firstly, in case you weren’t aware – every part of our Anathoth Farm pot is recyclable – from the #5 pot itself, to the lid, to the tamper proof foil. If you did choose to recycle them in your kerbside bin be sure to wash them thoroughly first to remove any food residue.

Note: this works for the jam pot labels, however not the chutney pots as the label is affixed differently due to the design of the oxygen barrier construction. 

Remove the label by gently peeling it off from the corner

You may wish to adorn the lid with paper, fabric or other trinkets to decorate