Soul Food Desserts

The best definition of warming comfort food is all the things you can enjoy with a bowl and a spoon

….it’s easy to eat, easy-to-digest and simply filling on a cold night.

— Annabelle White shares her kitchen secrets —

When there is rain on the roof and the nights draw in early it’s a perfect time to make the super easy single serve Berry Chocolate Mug Pudding. Or, if you have a crew with you, enjoy Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd in the best way to use left-over croissants imaginable with the ‘bread and butter’ inspired Lemony Croissant Pudding.

Lemony Croissant Pudding
Banana & Lemon Curd Pots: Take your favourite banana cake recipe and make small puddings in a Bain Marie or crock pot by placing Lemon Curd at the base of the ramekin and then in the middle of the mix and when the “little puddings” come out and turned upside down they are topped with warm runny lemon curd and the centre of the pudding is a layer of lemon curd – you don’t need to use much as the mixture will run as it heats, but the flavour addition is fantastic and makes you dessert look like a restaurant item.

Jammy Glaze: Anathoth Farm jam heated with a little water makes a lovely baking glaze to finish off a fruit tart, or to enhance a Dutch Apple Cake or Rustic Apple Flan. For an easy to remember ratio, measure equal parts of jam and water, heat in a pot and stir well, then brush over the fruit cake warm for the oven. Apricot Jam is a popular choice for pastry glazes.

Apricot Pastry GlazeRustic Apple Flan
Lemon Curd Pastry Cupcakes, also known as ‘Loch Katrine cakes’ or ‘old fashioned cheese cakes’, flaky pastry is transformed into moreish bite sized cupcakes filled with your favourite Anathoth Farm jam or lemon curd – simple and so good.

Lemon Pastry CupcakesSoul food made easy and with great happy results.