Time-Saver Flavour Makers

Condiments are cook’s great companions in the kitchen and make winter warming options easy and fuss-free.

— Annabelle White shares her kitchen secrets —

On cold nights, spend less time fussing and more time finding woolen socks, blankets and putting logs on the fire!

Sometimes while we combine great local seasonal produce and products – it may need a little helping hand. A little addition of some full flavoured Anathoth Farm chutneys or relishes transform the ‘OK’ into something amazing.  

Here are some time-saver flavour-makers:

  • Prepare a roast dinner per normal, but add a dollop of your favourite Anathoth chutney or relish to the gravy. A spoonful adds great depth of flavour and reduces the time spent adding extra ingredients to achieve the same result.

  • A meaty broth or Irish Stew can enjoy the addition of Anathoth Farm BBQ Burger Relish – a splash will bring a vibrancy and personality to an otherwise  predictable offering.

irish stew
  • Take your favourite winter vegetable tart – with the cream and eggs (the ‘custard’ to combine vege into a tart) add a spoonful of Anathoth chutney. Superb!

  • Winter also means hot bacon sandwiches for lunch. Use mayo instead of butter and add a spoonful of relish with the tomato/cheese/salad greens.  Or simply just go mayo/relish and hot crispy bacon – no one will complain!

  • Leftover mash and roasted vege can be combined with an egg to bind and a little relish for flavour. Season, then drop into bread crumbs and cook in the pan for delicious budget minded additions to the dinner menu.

  • Anathoth Farm Caramelised Onion Relish added to a bowl of chilli for extra flavour or even a hot cheese toasted sandwich, will sing with joy.

  • Also in the advent of unexpected guests, make a classic canape. Flaky pastry rolled out and smeared with Anathoth Farm relish and grated cheese, a little minced chives or parsley and roll up and cut into pinwheels and bake – yum!
And finally – rich, savoury, flavoured parcels of chicken pasta (bought at the supermarket) combined with a cream sauce to which Anathoth Farm relish has been added. The complexity and lusciousness of the relish completely transforms the sauce and in seconds.  Such is its popularity – a good a friend who ran a café north of Auckland popped it on his special menu one night and thereafter could not take it off the menu as customers wanted more!  FIND RECIPE: Chicken Tortellini