Sold in all good New Zealand supermarkets.

You can purchase our full range of Anathoth Farm products online for New Zealand wide delivery (sorry, no overseas orders). 

There’s a $10 shipping fee (plus $5 for those with a rural address) and that allows for up to 10kg of products to one New Zealand address. 

We have been making Jams & Pickles for over 30 years, so we thought we would try our hand at creating Pizza Sauces with New Zealand Tomatoes & chunky vegetables using the same batch made techniques and the same country pride we always have. These Pizza Sauces will be great for Pizza night no matter the occasion.

With 10% more NZ-grown fruit and 25% less sugar than our traditional jams, our new preserves are perfect if you’re looking for a lower sugar alternative. Batch-made with the same Anathoth Farm care, they’re just like you’d make at home. There’s no added preservative and they’re all gluten-free and vegan friendly too.

Made with the goodness of local fruit, these batch-made preserves are cooked with the same traditional South Island country pride for the past 30 years. Made for people who care about what they eat and reminiscent of jam made at home in the kitchen. We don't add preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Our marmalade is made the way marmalade should be - from a traditional recipe and packed with real fruit. Made for people who care about what they eat and reminiscent of marmalade made at home in the kitchen. Gluten free, Anathoth Farm marmalades contain no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

All you need to fill your Christmas mince tarts, mince pinwheels, or mince turnovers. Use Anathoth Farm fruit mince in baking when the recipe calls for jam, for a tasty change. Stir a little into your basic muffin mixture to make a Christmas muffin.

This rich and creamy Anathoth Farm lemon curd is made in small batches and blended to taste just like home-style curd. Delicious slathered over toast or scones or swirled through thick Greek yoghurt. These curds are also great to cook with – check out our delicious new recipes and usage ideas.

Pantry Packs full of deliciousness, perfect for a pantry-top up or a thoughtful gift for a special foodie in your life.

Catering packs are available for sale online. These catering-sized packs are popular among restauranteurs and entertaining foodies alike. For businesses requiring Food Service please visit for more information.