Whole Fruit

Our jam is made the way jam should be – from a simple, traditional recipe packed with real fruit.

At Anathoth Farm we use real fruit – and because we proudly support local growers, we purchase New Zealand fruit and vegetables wherever we can.

The quality of our New Zealand fruit is an advantage. Our apricots produce brighter, tastier jam and our blackcurrants are the best in the world. Kiwi blackcurrants grown under ideal climatic conditions have the highest density of nutritious substances and the richest flavours. Our intense sunlight enables them to grow brighter in colour and it’s the colourful anthocyanins and related polyphenols that deliver the benefits.
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Country of Origin

Sometimes there’s a shortage of local fruit and vegetables and sometimes New Zealand just doesn’t grow all the types of fruit that we need. There’s a statement on every pot which lets you know exactly where the fruit and vegetables have been grown. For example, tropical fruits come from tropical countries, sour cherries come from Europe. We wish New Zealand grew a lot more raspberries!

Not enough raspberries

Raspberry Jam is New Zealand’s favourite jam but the New Zealand crop is much too small to meet the demands and specifications of processors like ourselves. So we source quality raspberries from Chile and you can rest assured that we do so in a global marketplace under strict quality assurance criteria and through approved, reputable trading houses.

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