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  1. Anathoth Farm Captures The Good

    Anathoth Farm, just like when we started in 1987, is made from real, natural ingredients, with very little added along the way. It’s almost as if you’re just spreading the original fruits right on your toast. We’ve been working hard this year to bring this idea to life in the simplest way possible, by showcasing theRead more

  2. Robin our Tamarillo Grower

    TAMCO – New Zealand’s Tamarillo Cooperative

    TAMCO was founded in May 2014 and is New Zealand’s only tamarillo cooperative, representing over 10 orchardists who grow tamarillos commercially. TAMCO is managed by Robin Nitschke who was himself a tamarillo grower.Robin has been in and around agriculture for quite some time, starting with arable farming in the Rangitiki, then moving into pig farming.Read more

  3. Anathoth Farm Jack-O-Lanterns

    Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

    These cute little jack-o-lanterns are a fun afternoon of crafting, and a great way to get young ones excited about a night of trick or treating!What you need:Anathoth Farm Marmalade Pottle, label removed and washedTissue paperBlack markerPVA GluePaintbrushHow to make a Jack-O-Lantern:First, remove the lid and label and thoroughly dry your pot.Prepare your tissue paperRead more

  4. Anathoth Farm Windcatcher

    DIY Wind Catcher

    REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE!Celebrate the explosion of Spring colour in your garden with these fabulous Wind Catchers! Let your imagination run wild and decorate with different colour washi tapes and ribbons – the sky is the limit! What you need: Anathoth Farm More Fruit, Less Sugar Blueberry Preserve pot Washi tape in rainbow colours Ribbon 1cmRead more

  5. Expandable Surprise Card

    Expandable Surprise Card

    REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE! Upcycle an Anathoth Farm pottle into a creative card that is sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face this Father’s Day. What you need: White Card Card in at least 5 colours Glue stick About 40cm of Hessian trim Hot glue gun (take care when using this) Pen knife (take careRead more

  6. List of FODMAP foods

    Low FODMAP products

    Many of you have asked us about low FODMAP and which Anathoth products may be most suitable for your dietary preferences. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols – scientific terms used to classify groups of carbohydrates that are known for triggering an array of digestive symptoms. We encourage everyone to make theirRead more

  7. Succulent and cati in twine wrapped pottle

    Twine Wrapped Pottles

    REUSE, RECYCLE, REPURPOSE! Turn your Anathoth Farm chutney pottle into a lovely keepsake – you only need a few materials and half an hour later you’ll have a new home for your favourite cacti or succulent! What you’ll need: 1 Anathoth Farm Pottle Twine White string Hot glue gun A thick embroidery needle How to make yourRead more

  8. Animal Topper Keepsake Pots

    The next time you finish a pottle of Anathoth Farm jam, think – reuse, recycle, repurpose. Transform it into a precious Keepsake Pot you’ll love to have around the home! Keepsake Pots are super handy for storing all your bits and bobs – from pegs to beads, nature’s treasures to sewing essentials. With the adornmentRead more

  9. Our Plastic Journey Continues

    We continue to share our learnings about the recycling of plastic waste within New Zealand. Here at Anathoth Farm, we first started publishing helpful information about the recycling of our #5 polypropylene (PP) pots in early 2019.  These past statements on Plastic Recycling are available for viewing here.We continue our journey to improve our understandingRead more

  10. How to remove labels

    Removing labels from plastic pots

    Did you know you can remove our Jam labels when repurposing our pots?Many of our customers didn’t know this – so we thought we’d share how easy it really is to remove the labels from Anathoth Farm jam pots.Firstly, in case you weren’t aware – every part of our Anathoth Farm pot is recyclable –Read more

  11. Easter Weekend of Baking

    If you are planning on baking your way through the long Easter Weekend ahead, here’s a few Anathoth Farm treats to create at home.Hot Cross Bun Berry Pudding: Fresh or stale Hot Cross Buns are transformed into a new delicious treat – a new take on a classic, think, bready, creamy, spiced goodness!Apricot Hot CrossRead more

  12. Plant-based Entertaining

    It’s wonderful to have delicious plant-based menu ideas at hand for summerSummer holidays often lend themselves to gathering friends and family, sharing quality time over great conversation and a meal.  We have five delicious recipe ideas, from entree to salads and dessert – all vegan and colourful with bucket-loads of flavour. Bruschetta with White BeanRead more

  13. Repurposing Inspiration Gallery

    Repurposing Inspiration Gallery

    Do you have Anathoth Farm pots you’d like to repurpose around your home?If you are looking for inspiration, check out our gallery.TIP: here’s an easy way to remove labels from our jam pots! If you have a photo to contribute, we’d love to hear from you too. Just email or connect with us via our Facebook or Instagram pages.

  14. 10 Everyday Ways to Cook with Relish

    If you have an array of opened relish pots in your refrigerator, here are 10 everyday ways to declutter and not waste a drop. While we have plenty of relish-based recipes available online, here are a few usage ideas that need no particular measures. If you discover a tablespoon or two left in your Anathoth FarmRead more

  15. 3 Handy Uses in the Kitchen

    Here are some handy ways to re-use Anathoth Farm pots in your kitchen.Single Serve Freezer PortionsOur empty pots are handy for freezing single portions making your groceries stretch that little bit further. To avoid any freezer spillages (if you are freezing liquids), cover with tin foil before twisting the lid back on.  The pots areRead more

  16. 2019 Fundraising

    Anathoth Farm has helped support schools, sports and charity organisations in the heart of Kiwi communitiesOver the past three decades, the goodness of fruit and vegetables has been at the core of what we do. Midway through 2019 we introduced our new logo which illustrates the goodness of our land captured in our pot withRead more

  17. 16 Ways with left-over Ham

    Here are 16 glorious ‘left-over ham’ dishes to savour, matched with Anathoth Farm relishes for extra flavour!Once Christmas Day is ‘done and dusted’ have you ever looked longingly at the contents of your ham bag and wonder how you’ll creatively serve up ham for your next meal? 1. Grilled Ham Toasties: Hard to beat and soRead more

  18. 2019 NZ Food Award Finalist!

    We are delighted to have just been named a Finalist in the NZ Food Awards 2019! We feel privileged to share this achievement with our Hawke’s Bay blueberry grower, Dan.  It’s great to see excess blueberries that don’t make the grade for the fresh market come up a potential winner as a preserve!  With less sugarRead more

  19. Plastic Recycling

    Updated August 2019An open letter to our customers and communityThank you to those of you who continue to engage with us about our plastic packaging. We appreciate your feedback as you challenge us to do better. We constantly listen, learn, debate, and review our position. The individual conversations we have with some of you helpRead more

  20. Grapefruit and Medication

    Grapefruit & Medication

    Customers often ask us how grapefruit affects medicationGrapefruit (along with some other fruits, such as Seville Orange) can interfere with the metabolism of medicine within our bodies. In most cases, eating grapefruit increases the level of medicine in the blood which can increase the risk of side effects or alter the effect the medicine has.AnathothRead more

  21. New range from Anathoth Farm

    A New Approach to Jam

    Introducing Fruit & Seed & Grower Series PreservesWe love chatting to supermarket shoppers and understanding what their lives look like and understanding which foods fit into their lives. Many of you told us that life is busy. The world is busy…and it’s changing and becoming increasingly complex.You told us you didn’t always trust big brandsRead more

  22. New look for Anathoth Farm

    Our New Look

    Stepping through the years with our pack designsSince 1987 when Anathoth was first sold in its simple plastic pot at the Nelson weekend market, by the founders Owen and Kaye Pope, we have strived to retain the simplicity of this iconic South Island jam. Since its inception, there are a few special parts to AnathothRead more

  23. Dan from Gourmet Blueberries

    Meet Dan from Gourmet Blueberries, Hawke’s Bay

    Dan is the Head Grower at Gourmet Blueberries who are one of New Zealand’s largest blueberry growers in New Zealand. They are based in the ‘fruit bowl’ of New Zealand in the Hawke’s Bay. Despite growing over 30 different blueberry varietals, we specifically chose the Highbush blueberries for our Grower Series preserve. This berry wasRead more

  24. Hemp Seeds

    The Benefits of Seeds

    What is Hemp? Hemp is traditionally found in the northern hemisphere and is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant.  Hemp is grown specifically for industrial use and is an entirely different strain from the recreational cannabis plant with no psychedelic effect.  Hemp is widely used in paper, textiles, clothing, biofuel, animal feed and food.Read more

  25. May Contain Gluten

    It is important to read labels and understand the terminology usedGluten is a combination of two proteins – glutenin and gliadin – found in wheat, rye, and barley. If you have coeliac disease, a gluten intolerance, or prefer a gluten-free lifestyle by choice, it is important to be clear whether gluten is, or is not,Read more

  26. Recycled Crafts

    Craft projects using recycled household items can be fun!A hands-on experience for kids, craft work can be a very creative way to spend a raining afternoon indoors.Newspaper, wool, socks, plastic pots, pipecleaners, egg cartons and bottle tops can be transformed into cute-as-pie craft ideas.Here are two fun craft projects that use regular household items, including Anathoth FarmRead more

  27. 2018 Sponsorship Successes

    Fundraising groups have had a busy 2018 Whether our jams and relishes are included in gift baskets, raffle items or used in numerous catering tents across New Zealand, we are happy to give back to our loyal customers and their communities. Each year Anathoth Farm proudly assists numerous charities, community groups, clubs and schools with theirRead more

  28. Does it contain chilli?

    Why does chilli cause reactions in some people?This is due to a natural chemical called ‘capsaicinoids’ present in chillies.  Capsaicin gives chilli peppers their heat and is present in almost every pepper. They’re found primarily in a pepper’s ribs and seeds, making them hotter than the rest of the pepper. You can reduce the amount of heatRead more

  29. Anathoth Farm sponsorship 2017

    2017 Community Fundraising

    Each year Anathoth Farm proudly assists numerous charities, community groups, clubs and schools with their fundraising efforts.2017 was no exception. We were delighted to help support groups by way of product sponsorship. Whether our jams and relishes are included in gift baskets, raffle items or used in numerous catering tents across New Zealand, we areRead more

  30. vegan friendly jams and chutneys

    Vegan Friendly Jams & Chutneys

    All but three of our Anathoth Farm jams and chutneys sold in New Zealand are vegan suitable.While we are not certified, vegans around New Zealand will be delighted to hear that our jams and chutneys are made the traditional way.What is veganism?While a lot more restrictive than a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet relies onRead more

  31. For Meat Lovers

    Here are helpful tips to make your next meat-centric meal memorable, as well as kinder on your wallet.— Annabelle White shares her kitchen secrets —On a cold night the aroma of a sizzling roast in the oven, supported by a sea of roast vegetables, is enticing.  The great news having Anathoth Farm relishes in theRead more

  32. Soul Food Desserts

    The best definition of warming comfort food is all the things you can enjoy with a bowl and a spoon….it’s easy to eat, easy-to-digest and simply filling on a cold night.— Annabelle White shares her kitchen secrets —When there is rain on the roof and the nights draw in early it’s a perfect time toRead more

  33. soy sauce

    Soy Sauce vs Tamari

    At Anathoth Farm, we use a gluten-free soy called ‘tamari’ in some of our chutneys and picklesMany customers have asked how we can be gluten free if we use soy. We thought it would be helpful to explain the difference between soy sauce and tamari and gave you a little of their history, which datesRead more

  34. Time Saver Flavour Makers

    Time-Saver Flavour Makers

    Condiments are cook’s great companions in the kitchen and make winter warming options easy and fuss-free.— Annabelle White shares her kitchen secrets —On cold nights, spend less time fussing and more time finding woolen socks, blankets and putting logs on the fire!Sometimes while we combine great local seasonal produce and products – it may needRead more

  35. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Our Facebook friends shared some amazing life advice their mother’s have given them.We have a sample of those wise, heart-filled and funny words of wisdom to share with you now, to celebrate mum: We are sure you let her know you love her all year round but to help get into the spirit of Mother’sRead more

  36. 2016 Fundraising Flurry

    It’s been another busy fundraising year across New ZealandUp and down the country, fundraising and charity groups have been busy! We’ve been delighted to be able to help. It’s been fun to see the photos!  Here’s who we’ve supported this year:‘Affair of the Heart’ Art FundraiserAndersons Bay KindergartenBirthright CanterburyFoundation Youth Pipe BandGeraldine Amateur Swimming ClubGeraldineRead more

  37. 6 ways with fruit mince

    6 Ways Fruit Mince this Christmas

    It’s that special time of the year when Fruit Mince is certainly in fashion!Anathoth Farm’s fruit minces are in stores again for the festive season. We share 6 mouthwatering recipes. Simply click on the photo to go to the recipe!Both Anathoth Farm Traditional Fruit Mince and Berry Fruit Mince are only available in New ZealandRead more

  38. How to glaze a ham

    Glazing a ham is easy and certainly enhances the look and flavour.We share our tips on how to glaze a ham for beginners to help you on your way!  The steps include: preparing, decorating, basting and cooking your Christmas ham. Preparing the HamRinse the ham under cool running water to remove any sticky residue. PatRead more

  39. new Anathoth Farm relishes!

    The taste of summer: new relishes launched

    We’ve just added two new summer-friendly relishes to our range!Our Caramelised Onion Relish is proudly made with New Zealand onions sweetened with a combination of brown sugar, currants and molasses. In a foodie sense it’s both complex and flavoursome and have already impressed the judges, being awarded a finalist spot at the 2016 New ZealandRead more

  40. Pizza Topping Inspiration

    It’s that time of the year when you can almost smell summer in the air!Time to perfect some pizza ideas.Anathoth Farm relishes make delicious pizza base toppings. The simplest of toppings are often the most delicious. Try these for size:Sweet Chilli Relish:prawns, red capsicum, fresh basil & mozzarella jalapenos, capsicum, kidney beans, corn, red onionRead more

  41. Backyard Preserves: Spiced Tamarillo Chutney

    There’s nothing tastier than preserving seasonal fruit to enjoy throughout the year. That’s what we do best at Anathoth Farm!Frustrating as it may be for our loyal fans, we can’t get enough locally grown fruit to make every variety of preserve. This is largely due to the amount of fruit necessary to make commercial quantitiesRead more

  42. McFarlane Farm

    McFarlanes Blackcurrants

    The McFarlane’s have been growing blackcurrants for decadesTheir farm comprises more than 100 hectares of delicious blackcurrants and is one of Anathoth Farm’s main suppliers, providing berries for our delicious Blackcurrant Jam and Three Berry Jam.Nestled under the Southern Alps, Geraldine is a great spot for growing blackcurrants. Meet the Grower Don and Di McFarlaneRead more

  43. canstar blue award winning jam 2016

    Award winning jam: we did it again!

    The Toast of New Zealand!We are buzzing to announce that Anathoth Farm has been voted favourite jam for the second time in the Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction Survey.We beat six other well-known brands of jam and fruit preserves for taste and overall customer satisfaction.It’s humbling that after 29 years, New Zealanders still believe Anathoth FarmRead more

  44. Lending a helping hand

    We loved supporting charities and local communities throughout the 2015 calendarWe appreciate the hard work that’s put into organising fundraising events; the endless after-hours hours, telephone calls, emails, co-ordinating, sewing, making and baking.This is our chance to give a little back to the communities up and down New Zealand who needed a little help.Baradene SchoolDalmationRead more

  45. Perrys Berrys

    Perrys Berrys

    Perrys Berrys Ltd is a second generation strawberry farm run by Francie Perry, her daughter Katie and son-in-law, Grant. Their gardens are just a few minutes from Auckland Airport on a 30 hectare farm.Francie started growing strawberries more than 30 years ago and her commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in Perrys Berrys beingRead more

  46. straweberries

    Assurance from Anathoth Farm

    You may be aware of the recent cases of Hepatitis A linked to frozen berry products.You may be aware of recent news articles in New Zealand indicating that imported berries could be a source of the virus Hepatitis A. A similar incident occurred in February this year in Australia and highlights the ongoing need forRead more

  47. Meet the grower, Clive Lewis

    Clive Lewis, Grapefruit

    The forbidden fruitOriginally known as ‘the forbidden fruit’, it wasn’t until the 1800′s that our much-loved grapefruit was called just that, due to the grape-like cluster in which its fruit grows.Sweet yet tart, grapefruit are a great source of vitamin C. They are also an essential ingredient in our Breakfast Marmalade and Marmalade & GingerRead more

  48. changing seasons

    Changing Seasons

    We love the changing seasons on the farmFrom snow laced wintery mountains to crisp spring mornings, we embrace it all.  Here’s a snapshot of our backyard over the past few months:June saw the farm with a heavy dumping of snow, the heaviest in several years. We lost power a few times, but we’re used toRead more

  49. Citrus, from Tree to Trolley

    Gisborne Citrus – Meet the GrowersThe first city in the world to see the new dawn, the Gisborne region is also proud to claim to be New Zealand’s largest citrus growing area. Its temperate coastal climate creates premium growing conditions and lends itself to growing nearly all varieties of citrus.Citrus growers from Tologa Bay toRead more

  50. Citrified Orchard

    Meet Andrew EllmersHe’s been growing Yen Ben lemons, amongst many other citrus varieties, in his expansive Gisborne orchard since ages ago.    You may be familiar with Meyer lemons, but perhaps not so much the Yen Ben variety, which we use for our award winning Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd – a pale yellow lemon withRead more

  51. Apricot crop volumes are dramatically down

    Apricot harvesting is now complete for the New Zealand 2015 seasonAlthough they taste great as usual, crop volumes are down dramatically, particularly for commercial supply.Weather is a huge determining factor in annual yields and, due to a combination of cooler temperatures, rain, hail and frosts during pollination back in the Spring of 2014, has playedRead more

  52. raspberries

    Honesty of Food Labelling

    We were disappointed to read an article regarding the honesty of food labelling on New Zealand products……where the writer questioned some of the country of origin statements on Anathoth Farm products.ARTICLE: Are New Zealand Food Brands Really Kiwi As Anathoth Farm’s intention is not to mislead and our aim is to be honest on ourRead more

  53. Te Mahanga Orchard

    Meet the GrowerFarming since 1971, and with particularly green thumbs, Wes Reichel believes that growing is “in the blood”. He’s third generation on Te Mahanga Orchard located in Millers Flat, just out of Roxburgh. His grandfather bought the land around 1916-18 and it has stayed in the family ever since.Wes grows just about everything: stoneRead more

  54. History of Anzac Biscuits

    Contrary to popular belief, Anzac biscuits, while very much associated with Anzac Day commemorations, weren’t eaten at Gallipoli.It has been believed that a rolled oats biscuit was sent to the Western Front, although it wasn’t widespread. In fact, Standard Army biscuits, also known as “Anzac tiles” differ from the popular Anzac biscuit we know todayRead more

  55. Wai-West Horticulture

    Meet the GrowerMeet Julian Raine from Wai-West Horticulture. He knows a thing or two about boysenberries and has grown them in the Nelson region for more than 30 years.  Nelson is the ‘world capital’ of boysenberries, producing more than 50% of the globe’s boysenberries!We use locally grown boysenberries for Anathoth Farm Boysenberry Jam, of course!WhyRead more

  56. Underglass NZ

    Underglass NZ

    Meet the GrowerThe beautiful Karaka countryside is home to Underglass NZ, the supplier of delicious red and green tomatoes from which Anathoth Farm creates our batch-made relishes:  Sweet Chilli Relish, Hot Chilli Relish and Spicy Green Tomato Relish.Underglass NZ is just that, completely under glass, with 15 hectares of growing space dedicated to growing tomatoes.Read more

  57. History of Lemon Curd

    History of Lemon Curd

    Lemon Curd is a hot item in recipe magazines the world overIs it a curd, butter, honey or cheese?  We check it out!‘Lemon Curd’ is originally English in origin dating back to the early 1800’s. The recipe back then was rather literal and not at all how we’d think of Lemon Curd these days —Read more

  58. Delights of Humble Lemon Curd

    Not all foodies really understand what a versatile addition lemon curd is to the cook’s pantry — Danielle, Marketing Manager Having just been in Australia and introducing our new recipe Lemon Curd to retailers and customers, I am reminded that many people don’t understand how to use curd and under estimate what a wonderfully deliciousRead more