Meet the Growers

  1. Robin our Tamarillo Grower

    TAMCO – New Zealand’s Tamarillo Cooperative

    TAMCO was founded in May 2014 and is New Zealand’s only tamarillo cooperative, representing over 10 orchardists who grow tamarillos commercially. TAMCO is managed by Robin Nitschke who was himself a tamarillo grower.Robin has been in and around agriculture for quite some time, starting with arable farming in the Rangitiki, then moving into pig farming.Read more

  2. Dan from Gourmet Blueberries

    Meet Dan from Gourmet Blueberries, Hawke’s Bay

    Dan is the Head Grower at Gourmet Blueberries who are one of New Zealand’s largest blueberry growers in New Zealand. They are based in the ‘fruit bowl’ of New Zealand in the Hawke’s Bay. Despite growing over 30 different blueberry varietals, we specifically chose the Highbush blueberries for our Grower Series preserve. This berry wasRead more

  3. McFarlane Farm

    McFarlanes Blackcurrants

    The McFarlane’s have been growing blackcurrants for decadesTheir farm comprises more than 100 hectares of delicious blackcurrants and is one of Anathoth Farm’s main suppliers, providing berries for our delicious Blackcurrant Jam and Three Berry Jam.Nestled under the Southern Alps, Geraldine is a great spot for growing blackcurrants. Meet the Grower Don and Di McFarlaneRead more

  4. Perrys Berrys

    Perrys Berrys

    Perrys Berrys Ltd is a second generation strawberry farm run by Francie Perry, her daughter Katie and son-in-law, Grant. Their gardens are just a few minutes from Auckland Airport on a 30 hectare farm.Francie started growing strawberries more than 30 years ago and her commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in Perrys Berrys beingRead more

  5. Meet the grower, Clive Lewis

    Clive Lewis, Grapefruit

    The forbidden fruitOriginally known as ‘the forbidden fruit’, it wasn’t until the 1800′s that our much-loved grapefruit was called just that, due to the grape-like cluster in which its fruit grows.Sweet yet tart, grapefruit are a great source of vitamin C. They are also an essential ingredient in our Breakfast Marmalade and Marmalade & GingerRead more

  6. Citrus, from Tree to Trolley

    Gisborne Citrus – Meet the GrowersThe first city in the world to see the new dawn, the Gisborne region is also proud to claim to be New Zealand’s largest citrus growing area. Its temperate coastal climate creates premium growing conditions and lends itself to growing nearly all varieties of citrus.Citrus growers from Tologa Bay toRead more

  7. Citrified Orchard

    Meet Andrew EllmersHe’s been growing Yen Ben lemons, amongst many other citrus varieties, in his expansive Gisborne orchard since ages ago.    You may be familiar with Meyer lemons, but perhaps not so much the Yen Ben variety, which we use for our award winning Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd – a pale yellow lemon withRead more

  8. Te Mahanga Orchard

    Meet the GrowerFarming since 1971, and with particularly green thumbs, Wes Reichel believes that growing is “in the blood”. He’s third generation on Te Mahanga Orchard located in Millers Flat, just out of Roxburgh. His grandfather bought the land around 1916-18 and it has stayed in the family ever since.Wes grows just about everything: stoneRead more

  9. Wai-West Horticulture

    Meet the GrowerMeet Julian Raine from Wai-West Horticulture. He knows a thing or two about boysenberries and has grown them in the Nelson region for more than 30 years.  Nelson is the ‘world capital’ of boysenberries, producing more than 50% of the globe’s boysenberries!We use locally grown boysenberries for Anathoth Farm Boysenberry Jam, of course!WhyRead more

  10. Underglass NZ

    Underglass NZ

    Meet the GrowerThe beautiful Karaka countryside is home to Underglass NZ, the supplier of delicious red and green tomatoes from which Anathoth Farm creates our batch-made relishes:  Sweet Chilli Relish, Hot Chilli Relish and Spicy Green Tomato Relish.Underglass NZ is just that, completely under glass, with 15 hectares of growing space dedicated to growing tomatoes.Read more